Horse Breeding Farm

L.e.Gi. horse breeding farm consists in one big barn and an L-shaped building, with 25 brand new stalls, built with great attention to technical details to optimize the utilization of the entire area. 

There is a house, built for personnel that reside at the farm 24/7, a well-watered joust with space for six and a covered up small circle, the ideal conditions to tame horses and get them ready for auctions.

 An electronic scale has been installed, so that the horses’ dietician can monitor our foals and their weight in order to create a personalized diet plan. 

The paddocks have been built following specifics and technicalities to prevent horses from hurting themselves and security nets protect the external area to keep other animals (dogs, wild animals, etc...) away from the paddocks.

The terrain is made of sand and there are no stones or other drain additives, even during rainy seasons. 

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